TOTAL as a group is active in the whole value chain of Oil & Gas: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream. The company has been serving the Nigerian hydrocarbons industry for more than half a century, in partnership with the Nigerian Government and in different equity associations with other private companies. Thanks to their knowledge and implementation[…]


Cigeo is a deep geological disposal facility for highly radioactive long-lived radioactive wastes generated by France’s current nuclear facilities (14 billion Euros). Main mission prompted : – Sub-system SS8 schedule establishment – Scheduling and monitoring rules definition – Tracking dashboard implementation (S-curve, monitoring table by OT, milestones and Disciplines, workload histogram) – Critical path analysis[…]


Building and monitoring the schedule in compliance with the site/customer expectations as the GTT policy. Workload analysis. Roll up alerts in case of slippage and chairing “short loop” meetings. GTT is a leading global expert in the design of solutions for shipping of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Main mission prompted : – Planning update and[…]


Thales is a world leader in electronics and security systems for aerospace, transportation and defence. Main missions prompted : – Current schedule and scheduling rules audit – Study planning building gathering all stakeholders data – Monitoring dashboard preparation – Activity weighting using resource units and daily rate costs associated – Monitoring rules definition – Schedule[…]


Total is the world’s fourth-largest oil and gas company and second-largest solar energy operator with SunPower. With operations in more than 130 countries, we have more than 100,000 employees who are fully committed to better energy. Learn about Total’s businesses in just a few minutes with this vibrant, explanatory video built around our baseline “Committed[…]

EDF CIT/Cordemais

EDF Cordemais Electrical power plant is located on the estuary of the Loire between Nantes and St. Nazaire, spearhead of EDF’s thermal power plant facilities in France with advanced equipment, the plant has an installed capacity of two 600 MW coal fired units and two 700 MW oil fired units. Thanks to PLANEXPERTISE expertise in[…]