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Enabling you to save money while ensuring expertise missions


Certified Oracle Primavera Implementation Expert. Services and expertise tailored to match our customer requirements. Technical and functional end-user hotline.


Savings Fostering the software ownership through tailored training. Flexible mobilisation following expected workload.


Response and quote submission within 48 hours. Rapid consultant mobilisation. Proactive dedicated support. Pro-active adaptation of our teams, active hotline support

About us


Founded in January 2012, PLANEXPERTISE has established itself as a leader in the Project Management and Scheduling markets both in France and internationally. PLANEXPERTISE is valued by its major accounts for the high quality of advice provided, as well as its reactivity and high added value expertise with the range of Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project software platforms. Regardless of the scale and the duration of a given service, the emphasis that PLANEXPERTISE places on customer satisfaction drives us to innovate, constantly adapting and customising our services to meet all manner of requirements. PLANEXPERTISE accompanies clients, be it on-site or remotely, in order to respond to a wide array of issues from the choice of software to the complete roll-out of the selected solution, including complementary support services such as: functional hotline, technical assistance on-site or remotely, expertise mission and standard or dedicated training delivery.


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